4 Reasons To Give a Necklace to Your Grand Daughter or Grandson

4 Reasons To Give a Necklace to Your Grand Daughter or Grandson

Gift giving is a worldwide tradition to honor a person or to show love and appreciation. It is also our way to express how we care to someone and how to make them feel important. Many of us are still struggling around trying to choose the perfect gift for a friend, relative or loved one on a special event. We spend hours in shops wondering what they want or need.

Jewelry is one of the common gifts for both men and women. What is it about these ornaments that make them worth giving over and over again? Here are some of the reasons why jewelry is a great choice.



Have you ever encountered a moment you remember because of something given to you? Jewelry brings us to lots of memories. When we give a piece of jewelry to a loved one, every time he/she sees or wears it, even after a few decades, it refreshes the memories you had together.  

I can still remember when my mother gave me this beautiful gold necklace for my 18th birthday as a gift. Even though she is gone now, the necklace cherished our moments together, bringing beautiful memories to life.


Giving jewelry as a gift can help you share how you feel when you can't find the right words to say. When we choose what kind of jewelry to give to a loved one, we choose it carefully. Sometimes, we match it to the recipient’s personality. We put meaning which makes it more special for a loved one. Gifts like clothes, bags and shoes are useful gifts but they are not meaningful. Jewelries are useful but sentimental as well.


Jewelry, even if it’s not worn, is still undeniably beautiful. It makes us fall in love with it. It is also timeless and something that we can keep forever. Rather than sending a flower arrangement that will wither quickly, gadgets that get outdated and broken or clothes that will fade and torn, why don’t we send jewelry that doesn’t rust, tarnish or fade. It can be passed from generations to generations with sentimental value.


To earn your loved ones excitement and delight is one of our life's sweetest pleasures. We tend to think of the recipient's facial expression once they open the gift. Giving them a piece of jewelry consistently gives a blissful joy. A gift of jewelry delights the recipient and evokes a genuine smile.


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