Janice: A Guide To Buying The Right Present For Your Grand Daughters


Hello, my name is Janice. I'd like to talk with you about my granddaughter, Sarah, today. You know, Sarah is growing up so fast. She's already 15 years old! Can you believe it? It seems like just yesterday she was born and I held her in my arms for the first time. Today, well, she's about 5 feet tall (can you believe how fast they grow?) We'll come back to that later. First off, I want to tell you about her. Not only is she sweet and kind, but she's also very beautiful. She's got these gorgeous blonde curls that just seem to shine in the sunlight when she pulls it out of her ponytail in the summertime. Her eyes? Well, they're dark brown perfectly complimenting the color of her hair. Sarah's smile is to die for, and her laugh is contagious! I love spending time with Sarah; she's the best granddaughter you could ask for!

She's also very smart (like her grandma). She loves science but says that maybe one day she'd like something more creative like art or design.

There is nothing quite so powerful as the connection between a granddaughter and her grandparents. That's why the process of finding the right gift for your granddaughter can often feel like an endless search -- you just want to find the best gift possible for your granddaughter.

A pretty trinket might seem like a wonderful idea at first glance, but it could easily send out the message that you don't really know your granddaughter well enough to get her something she will truly enjoy.

What makes a present personal and meaningful?

One of the first things that you should do is to think about all the different aspects of her life that she might enjoy. Take into consideration her hobbies, accomplishments, future goals, and any other areas of interest she has. If you are still struggling with finding the right gift for your granddaughter, try getting her something that reflects one or more of these aspects of her life.

A little about my granddaughter: She's 14 years old, has been going through somewhat of a troubled teenager phase, but I love her all the same. She loves music and singing, but what she loves most is dancing - there's nothing better for her than to sing and dance. When she dances, she spins and bends her body with grace, and without fail she always spots my face in the crowd and beams at me so brightly.

At first glance, it might seem that something music related would be a great gift for my granddaughter. Perhaps dance classes or vocal lessons would be perfect for your granddaughter, but for mine she already had everything she needed in that area.


Here's a gift that you should not give to your granddaughter: cash. Even though, yes it is a nice gesture to give a birthday card or check to your granddaughter on her special day, don't think that you can get away with pretending the gift of cash is a memorable present. This sends a message that you really didn't take the time out to get her something special and simply got her some paper from the bank.

Another gift that you should not give to your daughter is jewelry made in china or cheaply made necklaces with no personalization. Here's a reason why: these types of gifts say, "I want to get you something, but it doesn't really matter what."

So how do you turn a gift from meaningless to meaningful? A perfect example is when I gave Sarah a necklace that stated 'I will always love you, no matter what.'

This kind of sentiment proves that you really put the time and thought into getting her something special for her birthday, Christmas, or another holiday.

When it comes to my own granddaughter, I know that she's not simply a sweetheart, but also very intelligent. Of course with that being said, I know that you want to get her something more than just typical trinkets.

Here are some examples of gifts for smart, beautiful, kind girls.

For a chemistry-obsessed granddaughter you might consider a set of test tubes to conduct experiments with.

For a granddaughter who loves reading, pick up a new book for her or maybe even buy her an e-reader!

If your beloved daughter is really good at art and design, get your granddaughter something that encourages her talents - perhaps some sketching pads and pens.

The perfect gift doesn't need to be fancy. Your granddaughters will love unwrapping their present because of the meaning and message behind it. Bonus points if you are able to gift something that helps your grandchildren feel confident, strong, and loved.

Another way to make sure your granddaughter feels loved is to include a heartfelt note. The note should express how you feel about your granddaughter, and why she is so special to you.


Whether it's getting her the perfect gift for her birthday or making sure she feels loved on Significant Day or Christmas, make sure that this year you spend some time thinking up the message.


I decided to go with the BEAUTIFUL Love Knot necklace, which is crafted with brilliant 14k white gold and stainless steel to form a shining eternal knot. It swings from an adjustable cable chain, fastened securely with a lobster clasp. This necklace also comes with an elegant gift box for added beauty at no extra charge.

A necklace is a great gift for my granddaughter because she can wear it with any outfit and still feel amazing. My granddaughter won't take off the necklace I got her for her birthday, and her dad even complimented me on my ability to find gifts that even she adores!

Only when she dances does she remove her necklace. But as soon as she's done, it's right back on!

Whenever she wears it, she's constantly looking down at it or touching it. She also loves to take pictures of it and send them to me.


The most special gift is a heartfelt present that is made to last a lifetime and beyond. That's why I chose Forever Cross Jewelry; they have a lifetime warranty on all granddaughter jewelry and necklaces. With a personalized and sincere message card included with every order, as well as a luxury message card box , you can be sure that your gift will touch the heart of a granddaughter who loves you with all her might.

Take a look at Forever Cross Jewelry's full selection on their website, and use the coupon code "GRANDDAUGHTER15" to receive 15% off your first purchase. Trust me; she'll love it!

-Janice K.

God Bless (🇺🇸)

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